Planning a

Dog’s Day Out

Concerned for the safety of your dog?

If you’re searching for “dog care near me” then you’re at the right place. Your pet’s safety is our utmost responsibility. We host a troop of trained professionals eager to make sure that your pet has their fill of nature – minus the dangers.

Why Us?

– Our strength

As a team, we have iterated the best possible procedures that concern our profession into a solid guideline that we follow by heart. You don’t have to look here and there in search of “dog care near me”. We are trained and tested for everything — from calm comfy walks to when things turn rough, we never loose the reigns.

– Our values

Every pet is our responsibility from the moment we meet them. We ensure that both their and your requirements are met by the time we return them to your doorsteps.

– Our motto

Keeping you and your pet happy is all we aspire to do. It is our way of serving the goodness.

Our Procedure


Set up your giving meeting through text, calls or email — as per your choice. Super easy check-in method allows very little time spent.

Meet and Greet

Get time for both you and your pet to get acquainted to your care-giver. Discuss routine, special instructions and service details.

Indulge in your activities fearlessly

From this point on, Alaska Dog Care will care for and protect your pet and make sure that they have a loving, happy time.

Receive your pet

Open your door to an excited, overjoyed pet. So stop searching for dog care near me and get the best from us.

Locations We Service




Eagle River

Big Lake


Point Mackenize