Cancellation Policies For Non Holiday Services
Dog Walking: In case of cancellation of decided meeting after 8 PM the night before, the visit will be charged full price however in case of adequate notice the customer will be free to walk away.

Pet Sitting Services:  To complete booking, a deposit of 50% is required.  Customers will be free to cancel without charges 3 days before the meeting date.  In case of a 24-hour notice, customer will be charged the rate of one visit. 

Overnight Services:  Clients will be required to pay a 50% deposit to Alaska Dog Care within 3 days of booking to guarantee service.  The remaining balance must be paid before the first meeting.  In case of cancellation of overnight with notice of more than two weeks, no charges will be incurred but the 50% will be charged. 

Payment and Cancellation Policies For Holiday Services

Customers will be asked to pay in full within 3 working days of booking any service to guarantee holiday service.   
In case of cancellation before 3 weeks of meeting date, no charges will be incurred by customer. Less than that and the customer will have to pay 50% of the decided amount.
Alaska Dog Care reserves all rights to booking of clients and can turn down any meeting without any explanation.