Daily dog walking will keep your pets laughing while you work!

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All dog walking visits include:

Cuddles/snuggles/belly rubs
Removal of pet waste
Sparkling water

Timely feeding (if needed)
Proper medication (if needed)
Follow up discussion after walk

All dog walking visits include:

$15 per 15-minute visit
$19 per 30-minute visit
$21 per 45-minute visit
$23 per 60-minute visit

Additional dog(s)
$5 per dog

All dog walking visits include:

$10 per visit

Daily dog walking visits are completely customizable.

  • Add fetch or any similar game to the activity list if you like.
  • Are you working on certain behaviors for your pet? Given your or your trainer’s instruction, we will gladly reinforce this training.
  •  Your dog enjoys a slow sniff and pee walk? We can make that happen.
  • Does your dog have a special exercise schedule? We can assist with the exercises.

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Question: My dog barks and lunges when he sees other dogs. What will you do when this happens?

Leash reactivity is very common among pets. Some people confuse this with it’s more violent counterpart ‘leash aggression’. Dogs have a habit of interacting when passing each other’s power zones. Alaska Dog Care’s number one goal is to keep your dog safe. Keeping this rule in mind, when we see other dogs, we politely pass by rather than introduce your pet to other dogs. Should your dog start to react, your caregiver will speed up to take your pet away from the stimulus. Physical and verbal cues are used to distract your dog from the stimulus. Phrases like ‘let’s go’ and ‘c’mon!’ would be commonly used. Finally, your dog will get a treat when they stops barking at the other dogs.