Overnight Pet Sitting Services

A doggilicious sleep for your pet right in the safety of your own home.
Sleeping Dog


Overnight Pet Sitting ServicesOvernight pet sitting services include:

Cuddles/snuggles/belly rubs
Proper feeding before lights out
Sparkling water
Proper bedding
Dispensing medication if needed
Watering plants
Switching lights
Closing blinds


Overnight stay in your home
7pm – 7am
$70 per day 
(includes 20-min, mid-day visit)Additional dog
$20 per dog Question: What are the benefits of overnight care or overnight pet sitting? 

Pets have a generally more relaxed in settings that they are familiar with. Instead of moving them, which may cause them to stress out or cause unwanted behavior, it is recommended to keep them in their own familiar zones. Also, following a schedule becomes more easier with all the required supplies that the pet is familiar with near them. Safety of the home and covering of necessary chores are just the side-benefits. So get the best Overnight Pet Sitting Services from here.


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